Firo Pizza Building

About Firo®

The Firo® Difference

Firo® Pizza offers a unique dining experience unlike anything else in Lawton. When our guests come in for fire-kissed pizza and gelato made from the highest-quality, freshest ingredients, they also enjoy our Tuscan atmosphere, friendly service and great prices.

Why It's So Good

Unlike most pizza places, we don't skimp on the quality of our ingredients. To make our sauce, we crush tomatoes that are imported from the San Marzano Valley of Italy which have a naturally sweet flavor. We also make our dough from scratch and let it mature for 24 hours before turning it into the perfect pizza, and we make our Gelato ice cream fresh every day with the same recipes and ingredients you would find in Italy pizzerias. When you ask, "What’s the best Lawton pizza place near me," you know Firo Pizza is the only true answer!

Come On In

We hope you'll stop by soon and give our Lawton pizzerias a try! You can choose from one of our signature pizzas, ice cream or salads, or build your own creation just how you like it. Your pizza will be cooked in about five minutes using our open-flame stone hearth oven, then our friendly Firoistas will deliver it hot and fresh right to your table or car.